Monday, November 14, 2011

Online Video: LoadingReadyRun's Rarelywinter

I've been a Loading Ready Run fan for years now. (LRRmon for life!) I've always enjoyed their nerdy brand of sketch comedy, and it's especially fun for me when their nerdiness culminates in a Dungeons & Dragons video. They've done a few before (and even a Pathfinder video once!) but those aren't exactly news. This video was just posted today:

For the record, I'm pretty sure Jer is being a bad GM intentionally for the sake of comedy. But it still serves as a good example of what not to do. Here are all the GMing pitfalls I caught in the video:

  • Discouraging your players from jumping into their role play is a bad idea. As a GM, your goal is to help them get in character, not obstruct them from doing so.
  • Joking about wanting to kill your players is fine, every GM does it. But a GM's job is to facilitate fun. Feeling as though you're constantly in completely over your head, and dying because of it, isn't fun.
  • When your players are facilitating their own in-character fun, never stop them. If your players want to name the dragon, let them do that for as long as it seems like everyone is having fun. (Out of character joking, on the other hand, should be corralled by the GM. You don't need to ban it, you just don't want it to take over the game.)
  • Of course there's cheese in Neverwinter. As the GM, he should have come up with a name and given it to them. Not only does it make sense, and help facilitate the player's fun (see my point above), but it ALSO ends the discussion on what to name the dragon, which is ostensibly what he wants anyway.
Again, I'm sure Jer knows all these things. The video was funny, I just thought I'd do a quick critique of the GM to add some content to the post.

This doesn't count as your regularly scheduled Monday post, by the way. That will still go up later this evening, as normal.

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